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Women’s Rights

  • Official codification of the Right to an Abortion, as a medical procedure

  • Equal Pay standards to be implemented with the addition of pay transparency

  • Women shall have their pay adjusted to meet the average pay of men in equal positions, based on time with the company, and experience.

  • Universal Sizing System for women's clothing

  • Cost of goods, services, and products specific to women’s health and hygiene shall be universally reduced by 50% and be frozen in price for a period of 10 years

  • All forms of discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment shall be treated as criminal offenses instead of civil per this resolution

  • Misogyny, or limiting of women’s standing in anyway within society, the work place, within government, etc. within workplace policies, in political campaigns, or other public activities such as on debates, social media forums, etc. shall be explicitly forbidden and treated as criminal offense

  • Additionally, candidates who run on these kinds of remarks shall be denied ballot access and charged accordingly

  • Any public or private entities who engage in similar activities, or post such comments shall be similarly charged and stripped of their offices, titles, or positions respectively

Women's Healthcare

  • All processes, procedures, and practices related to delivering a baby, regardless of underlying medical circumstances, shall no longer incur any charges

  • Abortion shall be medically available to doctors, and patients, any laws prohibiting, punishing, or otherwise limiting access to any form of abortion are nullified

  • Religious exemptions shall not be tolerated; however, an individual may refuse an abortion due to their religious beliefs, but a doctor, or medical professional shall not deny one for their own personal beliefs

  • All medical personnel will add to their oath: “I shall not allow my own personal beliefs, faith, or values interfere with the medical duties I am tasked to undertake on behalf of the patients in my care”.

  • Failure to abide by this affirmation of individual religious freedom of both doctor or patient will be in violation of the 1th Amendment.

Women's Economy

  • Products specific to women, shall not be taxed.

  • All products, purchased by women, specific to women, shall be tax deductible in addition to any other tax incentives.

  • Stay at home mothers, single or otherwise, shall recieve Federal Compensation commensurate to: Housing, Utilities, Food, Clothing, and transportation, based on the median income of their location +50% per child.

  • Childcare services shall be tax deductible, and federally price capped at no more than 10% of gross income of the lowest earning parent, or guirdian.

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