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Legal and Regulatory Framework

  • Review and revise existing laws and regulations that may impede or restrict direct manufacturer to consumer sales of automobiles.

  • Establish a clear legal framework that allows manufacturers to sell vehicles directly to consumers, eliminating the requirement for a dealership intermediary.

  • Ensure consumer protection measures are in place, such as transparent pricing, warranty terms, and aftersales service guarantees.

Licensing and Certification

  • Streamline licensing processes to allow manufacturers to obtain the necessary permits and certifications required to sell vehicles directly to consumers.

  • Create guidelines and standards for manufacturers to meet regarding safety, emissions, and quality control to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

Market Competition and Consumer Choice

  • Encourage fair competition by removing barriers that restrict manufacturers' entry into the market and compete with established dealerships.

  • Foster an environment that allows for multiple manufacturers to sell directly to consumers, promoting a diverse range of choices for car buyers.

  • Implement measures to ensure consumers have access to accurate and unbiased information about different car models, pricing, and features.

Support for Dealership Transition

  • Develop programs to support car dealerships in transitioning their business models or diversifying their services to adapt to the changing landscape.

  • Provide financial assistance and training programs to help dealership employees transition to new roles or industries.

  • Encourage collaboration between manufacturers and dealerships to facilitate a smooth transition and explore potential partnerships.

Consumer Education and Protection

  • Launch public awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the advantages and potential challenges of a manufacturer to consumer sales model.

  • Strengthen consumer protection laws and mechanisms to ensure fair practices, warranty coverage, and dispute resolution in manufacturer to consumer transactions.

  • Establish mechanisms to address any potential monopolistic practices or anticompetitive behavior by manufacturers.

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