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Space Programs and Exploration

  • Promote international cooperation and collaboration in space programs to maximize scientific, technological, and economic benefits.

  • Allocate adequate funding and resources to support space exploration, research, and development of innovative technologies.

  • Encourage public private partnerships to foster innovation and expand the capabilities of space programs.

  • Prioritize safety measures for astronauts and ensure strict adherence to international space treaties and agreements.

  • Promote the peaceful use of outer space and advocate for the preservation of celestial bodies and their resources for the benefit of all humankind.

  • Invest in space education and outreach programs to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and space enthusiasts.

Space Warfare

  • Advocate for the prevention of the militarization of space and the peaceful resolution of disputes through diplomatic means.

  • Support international treaties and agreements that prohibit the deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space.

  • Promote arms control and nonproliferation efforts to prevent the weaponization of space.

  • Develop norms and rules of engagement for military activities in space to minimize the risk of conflict escalation and collateral damage.

  • Strengthen space situational awareness and establish mechanisms for transparency and confidence building measures among spacefaring nations.

  • Encourage the use of diplomacy and international cooperation to address any potential threats or conflicts related to space activities.

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