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Civil Rights

  • Reparations shall take on the following provisions as a minimum

  • All current generation Citizens of African, Asian, South American, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, and other non Caucasian demographics shall receive a tax abatement for the rest of their natural lives, shall pay no inheritance or estate taxes, and shall receive 0% interest rates on all loans for: Primary Residence, primary vehicles, and up to 1 business loan with full financial education support by government entities

  • Racial Profiling by government agencies, including but not limited to law enforcement, or white washing history in education shall be considered violations of the 14th Amendment, and evidence to prove guilt shall be based on the rule of Preponderance of the Evidence

  • Any acts of racism, commentary, or general limiting of ethnic groups standing in any way within society, the work place, within government, etc. within workplace policies, in political campaigns, or other public activities such as on debates, social media forums, etc. shall be explicitly forbidden and treated as criminal offense

  • Additionally, candidates who run on these kinds of remarks shall be denied ballot access and charged accordingly

  • Any public or private entities who engage in similar activities, or post such comments shall be similarly charged and stripped of their offices, titles, or positions respectively

  • There shall be established, a Federal Holiday, that honors, and remembers the many slaves who died during the slavery era of US History, torn from their homes, and were treated in ways that would later be defined as Crimes Against Humanity. African American leaders shall further enumerate the rites, and ceremonies that should be held in honor and remembrance of the Slave era in American History

Gender and Sexual Orientation Rights

  • Gender affirming treatments, including reassignment surgeries shall be protected at the federal level, and eligible under Universal Health Care provisions

  • Minors shall undergo educational programs so that they can make as informed a decision as they can about their gender affirmation procedures and journeys.

  • Parents and guardians shall have a say in these decisions, such as to delay irreversible actions, but shall not infringe upon hormone therapy, or counseling

Indigenous Rights

  • In addition to the recommendations of Statehood, in the time between such determinations and their implementation, all Treaties shall be expressly followed.

  • Where monetary compensation is involved costs shall take into account values in todays dollars compared to the value of those monies during the time of treaty ratification

  • Violations of treaties shall be treated as acts of war in violation of the Geneva Conventions and the Sovereignty of Congress to declare war, and the Office of the President to order military actions in the short term, whereby the full weight of the law shall be used to pursue charges and punishments to the fullest extent possible

  • Indigenous peoples shall retain, in perpetuity, the rights to their lands, water, and air as minimally outlined in current treaties, and generally should statehood ever be achieved, or if lands should be willingly returned by the several states.

  • The Department of Indigenous Affairs shall be abolished, and instead will establish ambassadorships until such time as statehood should be established

  • Reparations will be paid to all treaty protected Indigenous peoples for all underpaid concessions, modernization of all infrastructure, and clean energy works to be implemented per the guidance of Indigenous leaders.

  • Reparations shall include, in perpetuity exemption from taxes, fees for education, health care, or interest on any loans otherwise approved per regulations and guidelines

  • Additionally any Universal Income that may exist now, or in the future, shall always pay double the highest amount being paid out to citizens, and shall be funded directly by the Federal Government , regardless of income of the Indigenous person

  • Reparations shall be eligible based on the criteria of the individual nations set forth and shall be accepted by the Federal Government without additional Blood Quantum Laws.

  • The Trail of Tears shall be memorialized as a Federally Observed Holiday, and shall be treated with the same reverence and respect as Memorial Day, and be named by a collective of Indigenous Nations, who shall further enumerate the rites, and ceremonies that should be held in honor and remembrance of the single greatest act of genocide in North America, but the US Government.

Protesting Protections

  • The right to peaceful protest shall not be infringed by any government, agency, or private institution, at any time, for any reason

  • The right to protest shall further establish the right to petition government through establishing the minimum threshold of signatures required for petitions to be debated, and voted on at the appropriate level of government

  • All petitions shall require 50 signatures to be considered legally binding to the government body that shall make decisions on the petition at the Local Level

  • All petitions shall require 50 signatures to be considered legally binding to the government body that shall make decisions on the petition at the County Level

  • All petitions shall require 5000 signatures to be considered legally binding to the government body that shall make decisions on the petition at the State Level

  • All petitions shall require 50,000 signatures to be considered legally binding to the government body that shall make decisions on the petition at the National Level

  • Petitions may be circulated digitally, or in hard copy form, but signatories may only sign a given petition once.

  • Additional signatures of the same person shall not be continued towards any signature threshold requirements

  • As outline in the Police Reforms section, any use of force against peaceful protestors, or use of gas, weapons, or other implements to disburse a peaceful crowd shall be met with extreme prejudice in the court of law against the perpetrators.

1st Amendment Enforcement

  • The right to a Free Media shall not be infringed shall be enforced by eliminating Media Conglomerates, and reinstating the Fairness Doctrine

  • In furtherance to free media, there shall be a media bias threshold whereby 95% of information reported in news, newspapers, or other media must be verifiably true.

  • Propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies can be circulated under the Freedom of the Press, and Right to Free Speech, however shall be disallowed on all social media platforms, forums, blogs, or other platforms accessible to the public.

  • Such communication is protected in terms of being said, not on the guaranteed right to a platform to promote it, therefore no platforms shall allow such communication or be in violation of the Fairness Doctrine, charged with conspiracy, fraud, and similar criminal charges

  • Separation of Church and State shall be strictly enforced

  • In God We Trust shall be removed from all institutions, currency, and other government, or public entities, and replaced with E Plurbis Unum the original motto of the United States of America

  • All religious organizations shall no longer be tax exempt

  • Religious affiliation in political campaigning, or in appointment processes, shall be grounds for removal from office, the ballot, and ineligibility for appointment

  • Personal religious beliefs, and practices may be allowed, including publicly such as a Church or Mosque, but cannot be used in conjunction with campaigning activities, or official duties

  • Acts prohibited include but are not limited to: Campaigning in a religious location, using verbiage to the effect of “As a ____ ….(policy position)”, promoting your personal religion, attempting to pass legislation elevating your religion, or minimizing others, enforcing prayer, or religious affiliation within public spheres including personal staff

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