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Sex Worker Protections and Definitions

  • Sex work shall include but not be limited to:

  • Pornography

  • Adult Live Entertainment

  • Adult Digital Entertainment

  • Adult Live Online Entertainment

  • Prostitution

  • Any employee who is employed by a Sex Work Industry

  • Sex Workers (SW) involved in a form of sex work that includes direct, or indirect contact shall be regularly tested for STD’s at the expense of the employer, at a frequency no less than 30 days, and immediately upon concerns of contracting STD

  • Sex Workers shall receive priority access for STD related ailments

  • Medical Facilities may consider establishing sex worker departments to directly support sex workers

  • Sex Workers shall have explicit protections in the Criminal Justice System, with regards to consensual actions, and violations thereof being treated with maximum penalties 1 level higher than written in the penal code

  • This would mean that a person who sexually harasses a sex worker, shall be charged with sexual assault and receive maximum punishment under the law for sexual assault, while only needing to prove that sexual harassment occurred

  • All Sex Work must be consensual, and a Sex Worker may deny consent at any time before, during, or after sex work is to be performed, without reprisal, or legal repercussions including loss of business, profits, or other legal consequences such as breach of contract, and not limited to the above

  • Sex work, including indirect sex work, shall only be performed by and accessible to, persons that have reached the legal age of majority as established by the federal government or 18, whichever is higher.

Human Trafficking Protection

Sex work is a major reason behind Human Trafficking, and a major element of criminal organizations, including terrorist organizations, wherefore it shall be the policy of the United States of America to treat all forms of Human Trafficking as a National Security threat, and a Crime Against Humanity.

  • An Anti-Human Trafficking Agency shall be established at the federal level

  • Shall have the authority to pursue organizations alleged to engage in Human Trafficking to be treated as lawful combatants during wartime at all times

  • Shall prioritize victim safety, and rescue in all activities

  • Shall be given broad authorization to take preventative measures against Human Trafficking at our borders and ports of entry

  • Victims of Human Trafficking shall be placed in Witness Protection if the organization responsible for their trafficking is still at large or in operation

  • Victims of Human Trafficking shall be offered free resources to reintegrate into society including but not limited to:

  • Foreign Nationals who are rescued from Human Trafficking shall be offered citizenship, or whichever form of VISA they prefer, or all expense paid return to their Country of Origin

  • Free Health Care for Life

  • Counseling, Psychiatric, and Emotional Care for Life

  • Free Education for Life

  • Government sponsored relocation for life

  • Job placement priority, within personally qualified fields

  • Entry into the Witness Protection Program if requested

  • All other benefits remain intact

  • Tax immunity for life

  • Shall not incur interest on loans for life

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