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Ownership Guidelines


  • Only authorized vendors may sell firearms and must be utilized to facilitate the sale or transfer of firearms between private parties

  • To allow the continued operation of Gun Shows, and similar public events, authorized vendors must be present to facilitate the sale of firearms and ammunition as either intermediaries or the final point of sale in which profits are given to the vendor

  • In order to purchase a firearm, or ammunition the following provisions must have been met

  • Have unexpired firearms training for the weapon/ammo being purchased

  • Have unexpired firearms license for the firearm/ammo sought

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Undergone a psychiatric assessment for suicide, trauma, PTSD, or other high risk mental and emotional health disorders, from a licensed Psychiatrist within 30 days of purchase

  • Registered with the Local Militia

  • Have proof of purchase of safety mechanism and/or storage device for firearm and ammunition


  • Training shall be held by Local Militia, the ATF, or Military CATM Instructors

  • Training shall be relevant and specific to the classification of firearms being taught

  • For example, there shall be classes for pistols, that are solely for the education in proper handling of the various types of pistols, and include no other firearms classification as part of the training.

  • Training for ammunition shall be separate from firearms training but specific to the type of ammunition being licensed

  • For example, there shall be different classes for hollow point rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds, etc. that shall include proper handling, storage, and legal usage

  • Training must include the intended firearm and at least 1 form of ammunition for that firearm within 12 months of application for a license

  • In order to acquire training, trainees must

  • Undergo a psychiatric assessment for suicide, trauma, PTSD, or other high risk mental and emotional health disorders, from a licensed Psychiatrist within 30 days of class start

  • Register with the Local Militia

  • Concealed Carry Training shall be required and specific for each type of firearm being sought to conceal carry, transport in inconspicuous containers


  • In order to acquire a license prospective gunowners must

  • Complete training in the respective firearms class, and at least 1 ammunition class

  • Undergo a psychiatric assessment for suicide, trauma, PTSD, or other high risk mental and emotional health disorders, from a licensed Psychiatrist within 30 days of purchase

  • Register with the Local Militia

  • Have no violent criminal history

  • Have Liability Insurance

  • Undergo National Use of Force Training

  • Undergo National Self Defense Training

  • Pay the License fee which shall be set Nationally, with public display of the costs of each type of firearms and ammunition license fee

  • Licenses shall be nationally recognized

  • Open Carry shall be nationally recognized of licensed firearms owners

  • Concealed Carry license holders shall be nationally recognized within the parameters of the Conceal Carry Firearm Provisions for the respective firearm

  • Any violation, or failure to acquire licensing shall be treated as an act of domestic terrorism, illegal arms procurement, and other applicable laws

National Use of Force Standards

  • There shall be established 3 tiers of Use of Force enforced by the Federal Government and shall be recognized by all States, Territories and sovereign lands of the US

  • Use of Force Standards for the Military shall apply equally to the entire DoD and be further separated for CONUS, OCONUS, and deployed locations

  • No use of force protocols shall violate Human Rights

  • Use of Force Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies shall apply equally across all levels of government, and be further separated for Civilian Interaction, Non-Civilian Interaction

  • This means community facing law enforcement activities shall have significantly higher standards, as outlined in Criminal Justice Reform

  • Non-Civilian Standards shall closely follow military standards with the additional burden of adhering to Criminal Justice Reforms

  • Use of Force Standards for Civilians shall always follow the following provisions:

  • De-escalation must be attempted in all circumstances

  • Duty to Retreat or Protect

  • Duty to retreat when in Public when your life, limb, or eyesight is not in imminent danger

  • Duty to protect when your life, limb, or eyesight or that of a another is in imminent danger

  • No duty to retreat when in your: home, vehicle, or place of employment

  • Use of Force Standards must be used across all spectrums governed by it but may used against any person in violation of endangering the public, an individual, or themselves

  • An example of this would be that a civilian may use up to lethal force against a Law Enforcement Officer, who is threatening the life, limb or eyesight of a detained person without legal consequences

Establishment of Local Militia Entities

The 2nd Amendment explicitly states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”, wherefor the National Guard, Reserves, and to a degree Law Enforcement Agencies have designated as such throughout the course of our nation’s history. This provision shall officially establish the provisions of creating a Militia, regulate the Militia, and govern the jurisdiction, command structure, and authority over the Militia

Creating a Militia

  • Henceforth a militia shall exist in every county in the United States of America

  • Funding for the Militia shall be provided by the Federal Government and serve as a citizen registry of firearms owners

  • The Militia shall work with local Law Enforcement Agencies to conduct training, maintain records of training, licensing, and other required records

Jurisdiction, Authority of, and Authority Over the Militia

  • The Jurisdiction of the Militia shall only be within the boundaries of the county it belongs to, until or unless activated by the POTUS

  • Militia shall have responsibility and ownership of firearms training, licensing, and other required records keeping

  • Funding shall be part of the Defense Spending Budget to ensure staffing, and infrastructural needs are met for data collection and storage

  • Registered Militia shall be called upon to mobilize against a threat to the Security of a Free State and shall not be activated under any other circumstances

  • For circumstances in which the activation of the militia is a matter of national security or imminent invasion the Authority to activate the Militia, in part or whole, shall rest with the President of the United States

  • The Militia shall only be activated as a final and last resort against a national security threat, or upon invasion by an enemy power

  • Total Force Mobilization of the Military shall never include the Militia unless on US Sovereign Land specifically

  • Should the militia be activate, all members of the militia shall be considered Junior Enlisted members, eligible for promotion to higher ranks based on qualifications, experience, or previous military service

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