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Force Structure

National Defense Initiatives

  • National Defense priorities must revolve around resolving military intervention, involvement, and engagement with the fewest civilian casualties, and within a period of 12 months

  • Engagements that exceed 12 months must have provisions to de-escalate or allow for culmination of events within a specific timeline

  • Research and development of cyber warfare, and defense systems to prepare for the future of military conflict

  • Research and development of anti-missile, anti-nuclear, and anti-biochemical systems

  • Reduction of global nuclear arsenals

  • De-radicalizing home grown domestic terrorist originations, and prevention of domestic terror organizations

Military Base Spending

  • Modernize all military facilities with fiber optic internet, and clean energy power sources respective to their geolocation

  • Improve quarters, facilities, and other working spaces to meet modern construction standards

  • Establish, or expand medical services, childcare services, base housing, and barracks

Military Personnel Spending, Standards

Promotion Qualifications

  • Implement new criteria for becoming a commissioned officer with the following

  • Must have achieved enlisted rank of E5 and held it for a period of 2 years or more

  • Recommendation from unit

  • Recommendation from commander

  • All current commissioned officers shall be considered grandfathered into the officer corps but must obtain unit and commander recommendations for promotion in addition to existing promotion criteria established by the DoD and the respective departments

  • Promotions into the NCO and CO corps shall have leadership, and skilled paths to take

  • In order to qualify for positions of leadership, prospects must

  • Have leadership experience

  • Be able to earn the respect of their peers

  • Be able to lead by example

  • Be capable of handling leadership tasks and responsibilities

  • Must be willing to promote others above and beyond their own station

  • In order to qualify for skilled positions, prospects must

  • Meet technical proficiencies

  • Be able to train subordinates

  • Be able to direct subordinates

  • Be able to perform at a skill level or rank 1 higher than their own

  • Must be willing to promote others above and beyond their own station

Performance Reviews

  • Performance reviews shall be designed to reflect the promotion path the servicemember has chosen to pursue

  • Servicemembers may change their career path direction after a performance review has been given

  • Performance Reviews for junior enlisted, and junior officers shall default to Skilled Path

  • Criteria set for each version of review shall be universal across the DoD

  • Criteria that are generic across the DoD shall be Meets, or Does not Meet

  • Criteria that are no relevant to the version of review shall be Meets, or Does not Meet

  • For example technical proficiency for a leadership review shall be Meets, or Does not Meet

Fitness Standards

  • Fitness Standards shall be relevant to the career field the servicemember is in

  • Fitness Standards shall take age into consideration at 5-year intervals not 10

  • Fitness Tests shall be administered too all military personnel regardless of rank, duty, or responsibility, allowing for excusals, or medically approved adjustments

  • Acclimation standards shall be expanded for a period of 12 months

  • Evaluation and research shall be continuously conducted to determine long term effects of serving in different climates, elevations, etc.

Deployment Readiness

  • There shall be a separation of CONUS and OCONUS support structure

  • CONUS servicemembers in non-critical fields shall be restructured into non-deployable personnel, and services

  • OCONUS servicemembers shall all be considered Deployable assets, and must adhere to deployment readiness standards

  • To ensure fairness in our deployment structure, OCONUS servicemembers who have deployed shall be given priority to transfer to CONUS duty stations

  • To ensure fairness in our deployment structure, any CONUS servicemembers may volunteer for deployment rotations but shall never be mandated

  • Deployment readiness documentation shall be kept and maintained in a digital format standard across the DoD

Issued Equipment

  • When determining combatant needs in a warzone, or deployed location, safety shall take top priority

  • All personnel shall be issued high quality gear for their respective deployment needs

  • Development of higher quality protective equipment shall be the ongoing mission of military research and development whether within the DoD or from private contractors

  • Liability shall always be borne by the entities who developed the product

  • Uniform allowances shall be increased to $500/year

  • Requirements for uniform issuance shall be standard across the DoD

  • Being mandated to don a uniform that isn’t normally required for a service member shall be issued to the service member, at no charge.

Military Benefits

GI Bill

  • The Gi Bill shall once again be allowed to be

  • Cashed out for the cost of 4 years of Full Time Tuition at a public institution, or $48,000 whichever is greater

  • Be converted into a down payment for a home loan at a rate of 25% the value of the loan, or $48,000 whichever is greater

  • Be converted into a down payment for a business loan at a rate of 25% the value of the loan, or $48,000 whichever is greater

  • Be transferred to a dependent, regardless of years of service

  • Have no expiry date

  • Shall be retroactively reinstated to service members who have lost their GI Bill privileges

  • Shall be retroactively granted to servicemembers or surviving NOK who were denied the GI Bill for reasons other than discharge status, or active-duty time


  • The 401k for life shall receive a base 25% contribution of base pay from the DoD

  • Additionally, the DoD shall match 100% of servicemember elected contributions

  • Servicemembers may elect up to 25% of their base pay, so long as they can prove to their respective Finance Department, all personal expenses can still be met

  • 20 years of service shall allow for a guaranteed pension at 50% of the highest base pay earned

  • 40 years of service shall allow for a guaranteed pension at 100% of the highest base pay earned

  • Every year beyond 20 years of service shall accrue 2% additional pension, cumulatively until the 40-year mark at 100% total pension

  • Servicemembers may draw from their 401k for life and pension should they meet the necessary requirements for a pension


  • Rental properties, and other off base housing entities must offer fair market value to military personnel regardless of known BAS, or BAH funds a servicemember should receive

Childcare Services

  • All military installations must provide onsite child care services, or fully cover the cost of childcare for service members

  • Service members, must select child care providers from an approved list set forth by the local military housing office

Veterans Benefits, VA

  • All veterans who have served at least 1 full contract shall receive full access to the VA including, medical, dental, vision, and mental health for life

  • The VA shall receive funding sufficient to expand its network and personnel to accommodate the increase of eligible veterans

  • The VA Shall offer shelter, and care to all veterans

  • Homeless veterans who are taking shelter may receive 3 meals from VA dining facilities at no cost

  • Veterans who suffer from chronic homelessness shall be assigned case workers to help establish stable financial status

  • All servicemembers who suffer from PTSD, or other deployment related hardships shall receive no less than a 50% rating from the VA

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