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Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico should be granted Statehood and all of the rights and benefits therein

  • Development of Puerto Rico shall be given priority to current residents, with especial considerations to small business owners


  • Washington DC, should be granted Statehood and all of the rights and benefits therein

US Territories

  • All US territories, that desire admission to the US as a state should be granted statehood and all of the rights and benefits therein

1st Nations

  • Of the many 1st nations people that exist within the borders of the US as sovereign states, every single one of them have had their treaties, or sovereignty violated by the federal government or private interests consistently over the past few centuries. Statehood would end this gross abuse of power against 1st nations. Therefore, the 11 most populace 1st nations people should be granted official statehood so that their territories cannot be infringed upon, and include lesser populous people as protected entities as well.

  • Granting these 11 1st nations people 2 senators each, and a minimum of 1 house representative will drastically improve the livelihood of 1st nations people within the United States and have potentially far-reaching improvements in other areas of the world as well.

Having a standing national guard, reserve unit, and state government also grants 1st nations people access to federal funding that as sovereign states protected under treaty would never be possible, dramatically improving the quality of life of these 1st nations people

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