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Eliminating Gambling Elements

  • Prohibit the inclusion of gambling elements, such as loot boxes, gacha mechanics, or any form of random chance based rewards, in video games, regardless of the targeted age group.

  • Implement strict regulations and enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with the prohibition of gambling elements.

  • Establish transparency requirements for game developers to disclose all in game reward mechanisms and probabilities to players.

  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders, including game developers, publishers, and consumer advocacy groups, to develop industrywide standards that prioritize player protection and eliminate gambling elements.

Limiting Monetization of In game Content

  • Restrict the sale of additional in game content, such as DLC or patches, that provide exclusive benefits or advantages over other players and cannot be earned through in game progress or achievements.

  • Ensure that the purchase of in game resources, such as timesavers or cosmetic items, does not create an unfair advantage or impact gameplay balance.

  • Enforce transparency and disclosure of all available in game content, including the availability of real money purchases and their impact on gameplay.

  • Promote fair and reasonable pricing practices for in game content to prevent excessive monetization and protect consumer interests.

Quality Assurance and Bug Fixing

  • Establish quality assurance standards for video game developers, requiring thorough bug testing and ensuring games are released in a complete and functional state.

  • Discourage the practice of releasing incomplete games and relying on community modders or players to fix bugs or complete essential game features.

  • Encourage collaboration between developers, modding communities, and consumer feedback to improve game quality, address bugs, and enhance player experience.

  • Implement mechanisms to hold developers accountable for timely bug fixes and updates, ensuring the ongoing support and maintenance of released games.

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