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Cracking Down on Digital Spam Content

  • Enact stricter regulations and penalties for sending unsolicited commercial messages (spam) via email, instant messaging, social media, and other digital platforms.

  • Require clear opt-in consent from users before sending commercial communications and provide easy optout mechanisms.

  • Enhance enforcement efforts by allocating resources to identify and penalize spammers, including coordination with international authorities.

  • Collaborate with internet service providers and technology companies to develop and implement effective spam detection and filtering mechanisms.

  • Promote public awareness campaigns to educate individuals about identifying and reporting spam messages and providing them with tools to protect themselves from digital spam.

Cracking Down on Phone Spam Content

  • Strengthen laws and regulations related to telemarketing and unsolicited phone calls, imposing stricter penalties for violations.

  • Implement a centralized "Do Not Call" registry where individuals can register their phone numbers to opt out of telemarketing calls.

  • Increase enforcement efforts by establishing dedicated task forces or agencies responsible for monitoring and taking action against phone spammers.

  • Collaborate with telecommunications service providers to implement call blocking technologies and caller ID verification systems to combat spoofing and robocalls.

  • Educate the public about their rights and how to report illegal or unwanted calls through public awareness campaigns.

Regulating Sales of Personal Data

  • Establish comprehensive data protection laws that clearly define individuals' rights over their personal data and impose strict obligations on businesses regarding data collection, storage, and sharing practices.

  • Require businesses to obtain explicit consent from individuals before collecting and selling their personal data, ensuring transparency and giving individuals control over their information.

  • Implement mechanisms for individuals to easily access, correct, and delete their personal data held by businesses.

  • Enforce penalties and fines for businesses that engage in unauthorized or deceptive practices related to the sale of personal data.

  • Encourage industry self-regulation and best practices for responsible data handling, including data anonymization and minimizing the collection of unnecessary personal information.

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