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  • Immediate end of DoD Program 1033

  • All assets acquired through DoD Program 1033 shall be decommissioned within 30 days of notification

  • Decommissioning shall be overseen by Federal Agencies, Military, or both

  • Use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and other implements that violate the Geneva Conventions shall be summarily barred

National Standardization

  • The Military Use of Force Protocols shall be adopted for Law Enforcement across the nation as a Federal Standard

  • Where ambiguity, confusion, uncertainty, or otherwise lack of information concerning a circumstance in which use of force is warranted, it is always assumed to err on the side of de-escalation. Failure to do so shall be treated as attempted murder, assault, or appropriate criminal charge

  • Body Cameras shall be mandatory for all law enforcement agencies across all fields of law enforcement and at every level of government

  • Failure to activate body cameras, failure to record data, failure to release data when requested by appropriate authorities, shall be treated as tampering with evidence, and conspiracy to commit unlawful acts in addition to appropriate criminal charges

  • Dash Cameras shall be mandatory for all law enforcement agencies across all fields of law enforcement and at every level of government

  • Failure to activate dash cameras, failure to record data, failure to release data when requested by appropriate authorities, shall be treated as tampering with evidence, and conspiracy to commit unlawful acts in addition to appropriate criminal charges

  • Whistleblowing provisions shall be fully enforceable, and especially encourage in all law enforcement agencies across all levels of government

  • Police Misconduct shall follow and adhere to the Definition of Lawful Orders and Legal Police Activities

  • Additionally, any law enforcement officer, or agent who violates standard laws shall be punished according to those laws, may be arrested by their fellow officer/agent, and shall face maximum penalties in all guilty verdicts including fines, jail time, and the Death Penalty

  • All Law Enforcement Agencies across all levels of government shall abide by standard Fitness testing, random drug testing, including for non-prescription steroids, monthly psychological evaluations, and may not have any affiliations with hate groups, domestic terror groups, or any public commentary that would insinuate: bigoted, discriminatory, or other beliefs that would prevent equal enforcement of the law based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or other demographic.

Public Accountability

  • All police footage from Dash and Body cameras shall be made publicly available upon request by affected parties

  • Footage cannot be made public to defame, retaliate against, or otherwise negatively impact victims of police interaction

  • Any investigation being conducted on Law Enforcement agents, officers, or the agencies themselves shall be conducted by members outside of the affected investigation

  • Complaints against law enforcement agents, or officers shall spark an investigation, to be carried out by an unaffected agency, within 7 days of the complaint

  • False complaints made by civilians, other agents, or officers shall be charged with Obstruction of Justice and face the maximum penalties

  • Investigations that prove the allegation shall result in immediate revocation of authorities, arrest, and appropriate charges filed with maximum penalties incurred upon a guilty verdict

  • No law enforcement activities may infringe upon a peaceful protest, demonstration, or other activity covered under the 1st Amendment

  • Activities such as, but not limited to the following, that may not be interfered with are peaceful: blockages of traffic, sit-ins, chanting, marching, blocking sidewalks, etc.

  • 1st Amendment activities must allow for emergency vehicles to pass through any blockages of traffic for the good of the public, however actions or arrest against protesters may not take place unless the protester becomes violent, or refuses to allow emergency services to pass through

  • Use of Force provisions must still be strictly adhered to

Revocation of Asset Forfeiture

  • The policy of Asset Forfeiture shall be summarily repealed

  • All assets seized, throughout the entirety of Asset Forfeiture shall be returned with 5%APR interest to the victims within a period of 60 days

  • If law enforcement agencies are unable to do so, funds will come directly from pension funds until exhausted, followed by garnishment of wages from the officers who engaged in the asset forfeiture activities.

  • All agents, officers, or other law enforcement entities that engaged in Asset Forfeiture will be immediately removed from their duties, and placed on a national black list ensuring no future in any law enforcement agency in the country

Jury of Peers

  • Should law enforcement entities undergo a trial involving a jury, the jury selection process shall be the same for any other criminal and may not include any jurors with a law enforcement background to be on the jury

Definition of Lawful Orders and Legal Police Activities

  • There shall be a National standard for conducting traffic stops, including

  • When to exit the vehicle, when and where to pull over,

  • What is reasonably considered a safe and well-lit area,

  • What is considered fleeing versus finding a safe location,

  • Strict adherence to use of force provisions,

  • Requirements to immediately inform the driver of the reason for being pulled over,

  • Definitions of “Flow of Traffic”,

  • Visibility of the law enforcement vehicle,

  • High visibility markings of the law enforcement vehicle,

  • Information the driver must provide a law enforcement entity

  • Semi annual calibration requirements for all speed measuring devices

  • There shall be a National standard for interacting with law enforcement entities

  • No person is obligated to speak to a law enforcement entity without being informed as to why they are being engaged with in the first place

  • A person need not engage with any law enforcement entity unless they have a warrant, or the person may request a lawyer be provided to them where they currently are

  • A person has the right to defend themselves, at all times, up to and including lethal force, against a law enforcement entity, if a law enforcement entity fails to:

  • declare their purpose,

  • escalates force,

  • attempts an unlawful arrest,

  • enters a home or vehicle without a warrant, declaration, or lawful reason,

  • in defense of another human being, lawfully detained or otherwise, if threat to life, eyesight, or limb seems reasonably likely to occur

  • Legal counsel shall always be provided when requested regardless of severity of alleged crime, at no cost to the suspect

  • If legal counsel is requested, no further questioning or detention may take place

Police in Schools, Public Areas

  • Police shall be removed from all educational facilities

  • These resources shall instead be reinvested into improved social programs in schools, more social work personnel, and other recommended staff to ensure student safety

  • Police shall submit reports justifying patrol routes, including traffic control

  • If criminal activity is definitely less than the amount of law enforcement personnel currently on the force, there shall be police draw downs

  • The funds saved shall be diverted to social work, and community relations programs instead to truly prevent the elements that lead to criminal activity

  • Rape kits, and similar activities shall have priority in policing activities

  • Petty theft shall be investigated thoroughly at local levels in lieu of traffic enforcement

  • Traffic enforcement in general shall hold the lowest priority in policing activities


Rehabilitation as Priority

  • Incarcerated individuals shall receive support and services to reintegrate into society after serving their sentence throughout their sentence and during probation

  • Lowering the cost of sealing records, and removing felony convictions from permanent records

  • Offering incentives to employers for hiring convicted felons who have served their time

Treatment of Incarcerated Individuals

  • Humane treatment of inmates as priority, with consideration to level of danger the inmate presents, and level of corrections facilities

  • National standards for Isolation, and use of force

  • Modernization of incarceration facilities

Prioritization of Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Related Crimes

  • Decriminalization of Drug Use and Drug Possession

  • Converting incarcerated inmates for Drug Use or Possession into members of society going through Rehab

  • Investment in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

  • Conversion of existing correctional facilities in part or whole into rehabilitation centers separate from convicted inmates

  • Improving counseling services, and standards to emphasize minimization of relapse

  • Job seeking, and resume building services to all members in rehabilitation centers

  • Support in finding affordable housing, and stable financial standing

National Standards of Corrections

  • Elimination of privately operated prisons, corrections facilities, and any other facilities associated with Criminal Justice

  • Elimination of privately owned or operated services within the Criminal Justice system

  • Psychological standards for corrections, and criminal justice personnel to ensure humane treatment, and ethical practices

  • Zero tolerance for personnel who receive charges for DUI, DWI, drug usage, assault, sexual offenses, or other felony crimes

  • Zero tolerance also includes misconduct within the facilities themselves such as, but not limited to: assault of inmates, abuse of power, sexual misconduct, or aiding in drug trafficking

Judicial Support

Public Defenders

  • Municipalities, and all courts shall set the number of public defenders available to the public to a ratio of 1 public defender to 10 cases that are misdemeanors or above, and have no less than 3 public defenders to assist with minor misdemeanors

  • Private law firms may rotate personnel to serve as public defenders if staffing needs aren’t met for a period of 6 months maximum, per provided public defender

  • Public defenders shall focus on rehabilitative, community service, or other non-jail and fine related resolutions to all cases whenever possible

Reduction of Traffic Court

  • Traffic Court shall be reduced, as shall policing of traffic as a priority within the criminal justice community

  • Traffic Court shall henceforth deal with misdemeanors, and felony cases exclusively related to traffic, or vehicle crimes

  • Rulings shall focus on rehabilitation, education, public service, or other non-jail and fine related resolutions whenever possible

Improving Privacy Within Court Arraignments

  • Arraignments for all courts shall be for individuals only, no longer shall group hearings be admissible to ensure and protect privacy of persons arraigned

  • Arraignments should include remote options to reduce traffic and burden of the arraigned from missing work, or other private activities

National Standards for Qualification of Judgeship or Magistrate

  • For all levels of courts, the standard for Judgeship or Magistrate shall include

  • A minimum of 5 years within a legal field

  • No party affiliation, support, or endorsement

  • No private interest group support, endorsement, or affiliation

  • Term limits not to exceed 12 years cumulative service at any given court system

  • No history, public or private of intolerance, discrimination, bigotry, misogyny, or other forms of demographically charged impartiality

  • Violations of any of the standards shall result in immediate removal from the bench and review of cases judged for impartiality, integrity, and legality

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