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Counter Terrorism

International Terrorism

  • All terrorism, terrorist activities, and organizations that take place outside of the United States and her sovereign territories shall be considered International Terrorism

  • All International Terrorism activities that occur against US personnel, buildings, or citizens shall be considered State Sponsored acts of terrorism, an act of war, and crime against humanity by the government where such organizations are headquartered, or primarily based.

  • This means that any act of terrorism that occurs against US property, personnel or citizens shall allow the US government to take military action against the organization without violating the sovereignty of the state who harbored the act.

  • This policy shall have the intent to encourage known state supporters of terrorism to contain these activities or face military intervention, or possible economic sanctions from the US Government

Domestic Terrorism

  • Individual Acts of Domestic Terrorism shall be handled as such

  • Government surveillance shall focus less on data collection on citizens generally, but rather flag activities that could put the public at risk, are centered on hate, or similar activities

  • Domestic Terrorism shall include: Hate Crimes, Bias or Hate Incidents, Crimes Against Humanity, Supporting Hate Groups, Promotion of Hate Groups

  • It shall not include: Anti-Establishment beliefs, organizing, or 1st Amendment protected rights such as protesting by blocking access to a federal building

  • Hate Crimes, Bias, or Hate Incidents, shall maintain their present definitions

  • Crimes Against Humanity shall be defined by the terms and definitions outlined in the Geneva Conventions, and Federal Law

  • All Social Media, or technologies that enable public exchange of ideas or discourse, shall strictly ban, monitor, and police hate speech, or speech that generally threatens the definitions of crimes against humanity

  • This shall include, without exception, political figures, elected or otherwise, celebrities, CEO’s, and other powerful or wealthy figures whether they are United States citizens or not.

  • In the case of public officials, or candidates, or nominees for appointed positions, those who violate these additional domestic terrorism provisions shall be removed from office, denied ballot access, or consideration for the appointment, immediately charged with domestic terrorism, and other related charges. This can be retroactive as well.

Organized Crime

All organized crime, whether international, or domestic shall be considered domestic terror groups, as their activities violate the public good, safety, and security of citizens, and visitors within the Sovereign Spaces of the US, undermining the sovereignty of the United States Government and can be considered a politically motivated aim of organized criminal activities to destabilize the United States Federal Government, State Governments, and Local governments, respectively or as a whole.

International Criminal Organizations (ICO)

  • Those who perform their illegal activities within the United States shall be treated as lawful combatants, rather than criminals and are only required to receive due process if captured, or if they surrender to US Forces

  • Those who perform their illegal activities within the United States, but are based out of a foreign country shall be treated as lawful combatants, hosted by, or sponsored by their country of origin, and the United States shall take military or economic actions against the sovereign state in pursuit of those criminal organizations

Domestic Criminal Organizations (DCO)

  • Domestic criminal organizations shall be given the option to surrender before actions are taken against them legally, by the military, or law enforcement.

  • The option to surrender shall be offered to all members of a given organization under the conditions that they:

  • Work with their assigned case worker to reintegrate into society, maintain financial stability, and housing

  • Submit to monitoring of all communication

  • Submit to 3 years of Probation

  • Transition criminal elements into lawfully enterprises, including labor elements

  • Turn over all criminal data, finances, and records to law enforcement agencies

  • Refrain from all illicit activities

  • The US Government, and respective law enforcement agencies shall in turn protect transitioning members from attack, retaliation, or other threats until such risks are neutralized, or otherwise no longer exist

  • If members of a DCO do not surrender, they shall be treated as lawful combatants in a theater of war, and are not subject to due process unless captured, or surrender.

  • Should a member of a DCO become captured or surrender after the initial offer was made, they shall not be extended the offer a second time, other than under circumstances that would allow for special considerations under the rule of law

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