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Universal Healthcare

Current National Health Expenditures exceed $4.1 Trillion, however, federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid are only $1.5 Trillion. Cutting out the privatization aspect of our health care, with the addition to standardized cost of care, our NHE shall be no more than the combined costs of Medicare and Medicaid, a National Savings of $2.6 Trillion

  • Covered by uncapped Medicare tax payments by taxable incomes/profits

  • All Medical Insurance Providers shall have 12 months to transition into other, remaining, insurance products

  • All multipliers of base cost of care shall be eliminated

  • The Department of Health shall determine the cost of care across the nation

  • Drastically reduces the per capita spending on Health Care

  • Standardizes the cost of care across the United States

  • Dramatically improves the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse of Medicare Dollars

  • Medical practices, institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical developers, suppliers, and distributors shall all become federalized

  • Ambulatory services shall no longer incur any charges

  • All processes, procedures, and practices related to delivering a baby, regardless of underlying medical circumstances, shall no longer incur any charges

  • Abortion shall be medically available to doctors, and patients, any laws prohibiting, punishing, or otherwise limiting access to any form of abortion are nullified

  • Religious exemptions shall not be tolerated; however, an individual may refuse an abortion due to their religious beliefs, but a doctor, or medical professional shall not deny one for their own personal beliefs

  • All medical personnel will add to their oath: “I shall not allow my own personal beliefs, faith, or values interfere with the medical duties I am tasked to undertake on behalf of the patients in my care”.

Failure to abide by this affirmation of individual religious freedom of both doctor or patient will be in violation of the 1th Amendment.


Universal Income

  • Instead of the states offering SNAP benefits, and Section 8 or other similar safety net programs, a Universal Income for Housing and Food shall be implemented instead utilizing the same state funding programs.

  • Additionally, the Federal Government shall match 25% of these funds to help offset the costs until State Incomes stabilize and can afford to take them on alone

  • Universal income payments shall be paid out to all citizens in the work force, regardless of income at the current frequency of pay for the employed person, whether that be weekly, bi weekly, or monthly.

  • Payments shall be no longer than monthly in frequency

  • Payments shall follow the militaries BAS and BAH calculations whereby instead of ranks, it shall be by tax brackets.

  • The higher the tax bracket the less of a Universal Income shall be issued, thus persons making below $100k per year shall receive the highest Universal Income, and those in the top tax bracket shall receive the lowest

  • Universal Incomes shall not be included in any tax collection calculations


Universal Housing

  • Combat discriminatory practices of housing valuation by establishing national standards for appraisal, and land valuation

  • Combat gentrification by giving priority to local businesses, and communities to fund new businesses

  • No private, commercial, or other non-individual entity may purchase residential housing of any kind, or purchase multiple residential properties

  • All current non primary residential housing shall be confiscated by the federal government, and put on the market at fair market value of when it was originally purchased

  • Up to 100% of vacant homes shall be put towards elimination of the homeless pandemic

  • Case workers will work with all homeless citizens to help reestablish them into a stable living situation

  • All existing multifamily buildings shall be under the jurisdiction, and ownership of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

  • All current residents shall belong to a tenant union for their respective building or community

  • Rental payments shall go directly to the department of HUD

  • HUD shall direct rental payments towards modernization, safety improvements, grounds keeping, maintenance, repair, building management, and similar activities within the facilities rental payments were received

  • Rent pricing shall be based off of real costs of maintaining facilities, grounds, and structures

  • Good Cause laws shall be established and federally enforceable

infrastructure healthcare, income and housing

"You and I come by road or rail, but economists travel on infrastructure." - Margaret Thatcher

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