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The United States of America is the wealthiest nation in the world, period. We have the potential of being the world leader in every single industry. Not because of our wealth, but because of the potential of our citizens. However,  since Covid decimated our workforce and economy, many Americans have been left without work, or with a job that can’t sustain a meaningful lifestyle. This is not to suggest that not enough Americans aren’t living in mansions. We know there are plenty of rich and ultra-rich people here in America. What about the skilled, experienced, and educated citizens who are working far below their qualification levels just to survive. What happened to the “American Dream”???

America works is a multi-tiered approach to rectifying this issue. We not only create more jobs for citizens to perform, but ensure that Americans who have spent time, energy and effort acquiring skills can put those skills to use. Furthermore, there will be options for people to receive training (sponsored by the federal government) so that people may change careers if desired.  Finally, this program will create a mechanism that encourages employers to utilize the American Works Services, by listing their openings on this website, and encouraging citizens to use the same service to find work.

In many ways this is the “Job market Board” that America should have had to begin with, but because there are so many competing job boards, it isn’t always clear which is the best one to use for new opportunities, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. With the America Works Program, the ambiguity is removed, and every citizen can login with their own personalized account that will track their work history, experience, and skill sets. This will be situated so that the initial login will consist of an individual’s SSN and DOB, as the Login and Password respectively. From there you will have the option of personalizing your account, and entering in to the job market, or seeking training opportunities. What’s more, relocation assistance will be offered for in demand career fields that are at critical levels of employment.

What does it all mean?

Simply put the entire infrastructure that exists for the US military enlistment, and commissioning programs will be expanded to include a civilian option, which will be separate yet equal in execution. What’s more, training centers will be established at the capitol of every state, and the next top 3 major population centers by geographic displacement. Put differently, everything that is outlined in the America Works program, already exists for the US Armed Forces, and creating a separate infrastructure for civilian needs, and private sector employers will be a much more feasible matter than building such infrastructure from the ground up.

Given that military already has this infrastructure for training, placement, and job boards, the relocation assistance is an added bonus that citizens have never been able to enjoy until now! Taking this a step further, many of the jobs that will be offered, will be created by the federal government to build our physical and social infrastructure systems, to include but not limited to: more social work services, rebuilding our roads, building a High Speed Rail system, and introducing a mass transit system, agricultural reform, clean energy reforms, and many more! What this means, is that there will be equal opportunities to becoming federal employees, which come complete with a federal benefits package!

In this way, the United States of America, will finally fulfill its promise to the citizens of our great nation that all mankind have the right to: life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness!

Breakdown of the America Works Program

  • America Works Job board, and job seeker website is established

  • All registered business entities will have their FEIN as their login, and the SSN of the CEO or Sole Propriety as the PW

  • All business entities, regardless of size, may participate in the America work Program to include any OJT efforts, so long as those entities can prove their competence in the field. This will typically require a proof of work (PoW), or a minimum of 3 years of business activity. Startups may still qualify if they can sufficiently provide PoW.

  • All citizens 18 years or older, will have automatically registered accounts based on their SSN as login, and DOB as their password

  • Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use this program, but will become automatically registered on their 18th birthday.

  • Training centers in all 50 US Capitols, and the top 3 populations determined by geographic location, for convenience, are established

  • Trainers in all major industries will be hired within the local area whenever possible, and additional trainers will be hired as federal employees as necessary

  • These centers will be mini “Basic Training” centers, complete with classrooms, room, and board for a capacity equaling 1% of the surrounding area adult population

  • Training durations will be determined based on the career field, and any follow on job training that can be made available.

  • All trainees will receive GS7 pay, benefits, and Housing allowance equal to their current housing or rental costs + $300 for food and utilities.

  • Trainees who undergo OJT with either government or civilian employers will receive the same pay and benefits for the duration of their training, or their base pay for the position, whichever is greater

  • The US Government will pay the GS7 rate, and benefits regardless, and employers will pay any differences in their salaries or wages as an incentive to train a new generation of workers in their industry

  • Whenever reasonable, or cost efficient, military training centers will accommodate civilian students in both training and housing. These students will comingle with the military trainees, but be treated as civilians and not held to the military standards of training, dress, appearance, or conduct. However, civilian students can be expelled from the classroom if they are disruptive, disrespectful, or otherwise not pursuing their education seriously. Military trainees will continue to be expected to conform to their military standards, and be segregated from the civilian students by appropriate methodology.

  • Employers will benefit from training new hires by only having to cover the differences in pay that they offer for their positions, and the pay covered by the federal government. However, employers are obligated to hire trainees from the America Works Program for a period of at least 1 year, and may not fire, layoff, or otherwise dismiss those trainees for reasons other than conduct, safety, or other extreme circumstances.

  • Any circumstance in which a trainee through the America Works Program becomes fired or laid off, will be investigated thoroughly by the Federal Government. If it is determined that the firing or layoff was not justified, the federal government will impose penalties and fines including a maximum felony jail sentence of 5 years, and $5,000,000 for defrauding the federal government.

  • Trainees have the right to seek employment elsewhere under this program if they feel the working conditions or other circumstances are incompatible.

  • Trainees can submit for relocation, or reassignment for a period of up to 1 year of their OJT requirement.

  • If the OJT requirement is less than 1 year, then the maximum amount of time a trainee has to submit for relocation or reassignment is that OJT period.

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